Review of car Mercedes S-class W220 / Mercedes S-Class W220

Rub half of the 1990s, Mercedes begins to lead an entirely new policy on their vehicles. At the forefront instead of saving, compact and higher quality inherent in previous pomposity.

And here the first results: summer 1998 – S-Class W220. He was 300 pounds lighter than its predecessor and up to 120 mm shorter, but the internal volume of this niskoleo not lost on the contrary – has increased markedly. W220 was filled with different electronics. The appearance has changed a bit, too – the details become more rounded, sleek body has acquired.

The car has been very successful in the total amount produced 485,000 sedans. But there are drawbacks – very sullied the reputation of the car and the whole class in chronic air suspension failure, especially in cars built before 2002.

Technical characteristics of the car Mercedes S-class W220 / Mercedes S-Class W220

Body Sedan

Length of 5163 mm

Width 1855 mm

Height: 1444 mm

Year 1998

Number of doors 4

5 seats

500-525 liters of luggage compartment