Toyota Camry

The new Toyota Camry is predictable, as the results of parliamentary elections in Russia. The reason is clear: bureaucratic people – one of the main buyers of this model. He is known to be big changes do not like and do not wait.


Rostov businessman and collector of antiques, Vitaly Mazin trying to create in the Ust-Koisug his own imaginary world. And as a result of his hotel Old House, who grew up among the houses, boxes in the three windows, takes us to the good old days. Here reigns Europe,

Review of car Mercedes S-class W220 / Mercedes S-Class W220

      Chevrolet Aveo 2012

Toyota Land Cruiser

The fact that a large SUV from the Japanese manufacturer for our country is a cult car , it is no secret. By quantity consumed Land Cruiser 200 per capita Mother Russia can beat only Arab sheiks . Owners of large SUV literally fall in love with your vehicle , which in turn also does not disappoint them .

Lexus GX 470

We are clothed in suits and shoe model to emphasize their position in society . But , getting to rest, prefer jeans and sneakers . To be comfortable , never rubbed , not sting , and the stain is not sorry. One dress for all occasions unavailable. But try to pick up the car can be universal .