For the construction of the bridge Darnytsa Kyiv authorities will send another half billion hryvnia

Construction of rail-road bridge across the Dnieper River in Kiev will deal Ltd. Gidroinzhbud who requested for his work 466.70 million USD.

According to the Journal of Public Procurement, South-Western Railway will sign a contract with the selected company in the near future. In this case, the construction of the bridge at the railway station, which connects the station Kiev-Moscow and Darnitsa, will provide funds and the state budget.

It is expected that construction will be completed by March 2013.

Meanwhile, the rationale for the use of railways procurement procedure, “one participant,” as well as the terms of reference works government publication does not specify.

The company was founded Gidroinzhbud Stroiservice Ltd, which belongs to Sergei and Valentina Kopistire Burkivskoy.

Construction of the rail-road bridge across the Dnieper River began in 2004. In the spring of 2010, the authorities officially opened the rail portion, and in December of 2010, was opened to traffic of vehicles from the left bank to the right. Six months later the band opened the bridge is in both parties.

In 2011, work was completed on the right bank of the bridge, open races of the Paton bridge and Vydubychi, and this year the construction of arrivals from the left side, as well as conventions on the Dnieper embankment and a complex bus Vydubychi.

Recall that in July it was reported that the Ukrainian government has sent another 100 million USD from the State Budget Ministry of Regional Development for the construction of rail-road bridge across the Dnieper River in Kiev.