Flying taxi has already lifted into the sky Dubai

The unmanned air taxi for Dubai was not just a bold project. The UAE has already started testing a new vehicle.

Unmanned quadrocopters Ehang 184 are tested at a special range of the Civil Aviation Administration in the desert on the outskirts of Dubai. Drones fly over the city. In test flights, aircraft climb to a height of 3000 m.

Recall, the Ehang 184 quadrocopter was developed in China, and presented it during the World Government Summit. Its first flights unmanned taxi should be made before the end of this year.

The Ehang 184 drone can reach 3.9 m in length, 4.02 m in width and 1.6 m in height, and its weight is 360 kg. Electric motors accelerate it to 160 km / h, and the power reserve is 50 km.

The taxi driver can make his own coordinates on the satellite navigation map, and if desired, stop using the emergency landing button. The artificial intelligence of an air taxi is programmed in such a way that it will land a drone in case of even the slightest malfunction.