Daimler will support the development of an electric flying taxi

Concern Daimler decided to invest in the German company Volocopter, which is developing a self-titled electric helicopter-multicopter, 25 million euros. Subsequently, Volocopter is planned to be used as a flying taxi.

The company is engaged in the project since 2011. Since then, several prototypes have been built and at least two test flights have been completed.

The commercial version of the model will be double, the maximum takeoff weight will be 450 kilograms. With nine sets of lithium-ion batteries, each of which must support the operation of two motors, the maximum range is 27 kilometers (70 kilometers per hour) or 27 minutes (50 kilometers per hour).

A distinctive feature of the device with a lot of engines and screws is the relative simplicity of control. At the same time, developers note that the Volocopter provides the ability to integrate autopilot.

Subsequently, Volocopter will participate in Dubai’s program to launch a flying taxi. By 2030, in the largest city of the UAE, it is planned to transfer a quarter of the passenger traffic to unmanned vehicles.